Converting An App

Converting an app to use South is very easy:

  • Edit your and put ‘south’ into INSTALLED_APPS (assuming you’ve installed it to the right place)
  • Run ./ syncdb to load the South table into the database. Note that syncdb looks different now - South modifies it.
  • Run ./ convert_to_south myapp - South will automatically make and pretend to apply your first migration.

Converting other installations and servers

The convert_to_south command only works entirely on the first machine you run it on. Once you’ve committed the initial migrations it made into the database, you’ll have to run ./ migrate myapp 0001 --fake on every machine that has a copy of the codebase (make sure they were up-to-date with models and schema first).

Remember that new installations of the codebase after this don’t need these steps; you need only do a syncdb then a normal migrate.

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